Vision Values

You may have noticed Vision ICT has been invaded by animals! Don’t worry, there hasn’t been a breakout at Paignton Zoo. This marvellous menagerie is helping us to shout loud and proud about our business, our team and the wonderful ways we work with councils.

Each animal represents one of the four Vision Values that our business is built on: collaboration, longevity and support, honest pricing and social responsibility. Allow us to explain...



Swans naturally establish strong partnerships between one another and often form life-long relationships.

Our close-knit flock is based in the heart of Exeter, moments from our feathered friends on the Quay. Our in-house team includes a specialist web developer, graphic designer, copywriter and project manager who combine their skills to provide you with an outstanding service.

Longevity and Support

The oldest known elephant lived for 86 years. An elephant can hear another's call up to five miles away.

Our herd has over 16 years experience. We are a robust team with exceptional talents, offering bespoke webistes, a suite of online services and dedicated ongoing support.



Honest Pricing

Dogs instinctively want to bond with others and show loyalty to those who could be part of their pack.

Our pack is loyal, trustworthy and reliable. We want you to join us and for our partnership to flourish. We will always be at your side to offer expert advice. When it comes to pricing, we avoid confusing jargon and work with honesty and transparency.

Social Responsibility

Bees are incredibly industrious creatures. They pollinate a third of our food and have a vital role in sustaining the planet's ecosystem.

Our hive is fuelled by a genuine passion for local communities. Ethics are at the heart of what we do, helping to pollinate good things in our area. We support charities and local initiatives and have been known to jump out of planes in the name of fundraising.


Get in touch with us

We would be delighted to chat about your ideas and identify how we can help you. Call or email our friendly and talented team to discuss your requirements.

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