Vision ICT Updates

Recently, we sent out a newsletter outlining some important changes we've made at the start of this year.


Server Upgrade

We are very aware that our recent service availability has not been up to the very high standards that we set ourselves. With this in mind, over the holiday season, we have been working with our hosting provider Rackspace and have made a significant upgrade to our server infrastructure. In doing so, we have doubled our server capacity with the ability to increase this easily as the company develops. This was a huge undertaking, but we feel the improvements are already being seen as a result of this.

Annual Charges

We as a company, have always tried to maintain the prices that we originally set out for our customers. However, over the last three years, the costs to provide those services has increased along with inflation. One of the areas where there has been an increase in cost is email, where our base cost has gone up by 15%.


In line with this, we are bringing all our mailboxes up to £18+VAT per mailbox per year from the 1st February. For most of you, this will not affect your billing, but some of you may find this presents a small rise in annual charges.

Also, for the first time in our company’s history, we will be increasing our annual hosting fees by 7.5% for customers. This will only affect current customers who have been with us for more than two years, as the first and second year costs are set by the original tender and will be honoured.

If you have any questions about your annual charges, or your mailboxes, please send us an email at

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