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Vision Goes to India!

Our Vision ICT hive is well known for our social responsibility and community spirit; aiding in organisations and charities such as the Federation of Small Businesses, the Exeter Pound and Pete’s Dragons to name a few. We have been known to jump out of planes in the name of charity and one of our team volunteers to do beekeeping in Princesshay supporting our local bees. We understand the importance of supporting our local community but have now decided to take a leap in more international waters. In partnership with SlumAid, Vision is about to make a trip to India to better the lives of children living in the slums of Bainganwadi.

SlumAid is a non-profit organisation working with some of the world’s poorest communities in Mumbai, Jaipur and Nairobi. It works to support local NGO’s in empowering people to change their lives by helping to provide education and healthcare. Did you know that 48% of the population of Mumbai live in slums that take up just 9% of the land. Rented housing is simply unaffordable and the crowded conditions of these slums leave some people sleeping 12-20 people a room. The slums have no running water or sanitation so cleaning is done in the open at communal taps. These people have little money for food or medicine yet still ensure their children turn up to school clean and well-presented because they understand the importance of education.

Children in the slums have a great hunger for learning. In balwadis (pre-primary schools) they learn Marathi and English, believing that teaching these children English (the language of commerce in Mumbai) will help them get a job or further education so they can escape the cycle of deprivation they were born into.

This is where Vision comes in. From the 1st to the 21st of October, one of our directors, Daniel, will be living in Mumbai and volunteering to teach English in the primary schools of the Bainganwadi slum. Our hope is to improve the lives of these children and give them an opportunity to make a better life for themselves.

We will also be accepting donations of children’s books and DVD’s (suitable for children up to the age of nine) to send over to the school and aid in their learning. Any donations can be dropped into the Vision ICT Office at 1 Southernhay West, Exeter, Devon, EX1 1JG and will be greatly appreciated.