Proud to Sponsor Exeter Pride 2019

Proud to Sponsor Exeter Pride 2019
Vision ICT will be sponsoring this year’s Exeter Pride Event taking place on the 11th May 2019 in the City Centre. We believe that diversity and acceptance are key for any workplace, and we are keen to see the LGBTQ community continue to thrive. We are proud to be able to take place in this year’s pride march and show our support for not only our own LGBTQ team members but the community as a whole. Pride is a celebration of how far we have come as a society towards accepting people of all different sexualities, genders and identities and we feel it is important for our company to be a part of this.

Here are what members of our team had to say about pride and what it means to them:

This year will potentially be the first year I take my little girl to pride. I think it’s important to take children to pride because as the world changes, they need to know that however they are and whoever they love, that’s okay. And the more we celebrate it and speak to our children about it, the more we are helping to nurture a more accepting and diverse future for them to live in. – Anji

As a non-binary person, I am very happy to see Pride thriving and to be part of a company that supports this event. During this time, it is important to remember those that have gone before us to enable society to be at the place we are now, but we can’t be complacent, there is still a way to go before we achieve true equality. It can be something as simple as not introducing your LGBT+ friends as gay; you would never introduce any of your other friends as straight so why do we do this to LGBT+ people? This is just one form of discrimination that most people probably don’t even consider, and it needs to change. There is so much more to all of us than our sexual orientation and gender identity. At pride we recognise these differences and celebrate them but also understand that everyone there is just a person and we need to push until we reach a point where we all have equality regardless of who we are. – Morgan

Mine and my younger siblings’ generations are said to be the most accepting and LGBTQ generations to date and when I attend pride, I see my peers, LGBTQ or otherwise, there supporting me and my sexuality fully. I see friends and families celebrating diversity together and it makes me hopeful for a completely accepting future. At pride, I remember and give thanks to the generations before mine that faced discrimination and struggled to get the rights that I now benefit from. Because of them I can’t be fired or bullied at work because of who I love, because of them I can marry whoever I happen to fall in love with, because of them I don’t need to be afraid to speak about my sexuality and for that I am so grateful because I know many of my fellow LGBTQ peers around the globe still face discrimination because of who they are. I hope one day we won’t need a pride and people wont need to “come out”. I hope one day we can all be equal. - Mel

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