Protocols on the Deaths of Senior Royals

Our previous Blog on this topic titled ‘Operation London Bridge’ concerning the Queen was well received, with many councils taking us up on our offer to help regarding the protocols involving their website. Our earlier Blog focused on the Queen and we should have made it clear that similar protocols are in place on the deaths of Prince Philip (Operation Forth Bridge) and Prince Charles (Operation Menai Bridge).

As you are no doubt aware, in the sad event of the of the death of a Senior Royal there are protocols that your council will be required to follow. One of the actions you are asked to consider is the Home Page of your website being over written with a black page carrying a portrait of the Senior Royal with a tab link to your normal home page. The website can be restored to normal the day after the official period of mourning. These protocols can be seen in an article by Philip Peacock, Town Clerk Huntington Town Council in the November SLCC Clerk Magazine and you may have heard his presentation at the SLCC Practitioners Conference in February.

As you will be aware, we work with over 550 local councils and it will be important, if you would like us to support you in carrying out the changes to the “Home page” of your website, to plan accordingly, in order be able to make the changes immediately when required.

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