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Google, Apple, McDonalds, Nike. When you read those brand names, I’ll bet that you also pictured their logos. Any good businesses will have a clear brand, logo, and identity, but why? Why is it so important for you to have a good logo and to keep your style consistent? Those are exactly the questions we will be answering for you in this blog…

1) The logo is the base of your visual identity

There aren’t many elements that give your brand a reach and identity like a logo design; it is easily the first thing people will think of when they think of your business. It is found on everything from business cards to letterheads to your website, packaging and press releases. Simply put, a logo is to a brand what a face is to a person, it is what your business will be remembered by. It allows people to identify your business in an instant and should convey how you stand out from your competitors.

2) An indispensable symbol

Your logo is not just an image tangentially related to your work. Behind this image should be everything your company stands for – your values, commitments, quality, social actions and more. Today, 93% of companies have a logo to represent them which means now, more than ever, a logo is a necessity rather than a competitive advantage.

3) It’s how you say it

People sometimes tend to think that the design of a logo is exclusively fun and random, without much meaning beyond aesthetics. However, an original logo will be a great asset and well thought out. Your designer should consider shapes, colour theory and font type to suit your sector, business, and audience. By looking at a logo you should be able to tell, for example, whether they are a business for professionals or a children’s brand, whether they are a charity or an independent organisation and so much more. But if you’ve put all of this thought into your design, you won’t want to be changing it every few years. A logo that can withstand the test of time with only a few tweaks here and there will be the one that is remembered for generations and will convey your reliability (Just take Coca-Cola as an example, their logo has been recognisable and consistent since 1900!).

4) Stand out from the crowd

So, a logo should showcase your values and commitments, it should cater to your audience and it should withstand the test of time, but it also needs to be memorable. As we mentioned before, 93% of companies have a logo, which means its even more invaluable to have a logo that makes you stand out. While aesthetics may not be the only thing to consider in a logo, it is a crucial consideration. You want your logo to stick in the minds of potential clients in the way the brands mentioned at the start of this blog have stuck in yours.

Hopefully, you now understand the importance of having a beautifully designed logo, but maybe you still don’t know how to make one yourselves. Not to panic, we’re here to help. We want to make your vision a reality, so get in touch with our design team to discuss your requirements by checking our Rebranding page

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