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Photos are a great and simple way to bring your website to life and are more likely to gain someone’s interest than text alone. This is why most every social media post; news article and advertisement include them. It’s also why you should carefully consider sending photos along with the content when building a new site. But what photos are the best?

Generally speaking, you should take photographs of places of importance in your town or village. This will make your site more unique than those that use stock photos and will show your pride for the place where you live.

The larger the file size you can send us, the better. We love to use photos on our websites and will often include carousels or heading images showcasing the beautiful locations in your village/town/city/community, but we can’t do that if the images we have are too small! As a large computer screen is around 2400 px wide, this is a good benchmark for file size. The best way we have found to send those large files (if too large to be sent as an email attachment) is via Dropbox or WeTransfer.

For Carousels and Heading Images specifically it is good to think of a letterbox. They tend to be wide and short images like the one at the top of this blog post so when taking the photo be aware of this and try to keep the interest in the middle and in a landscape layout. Portrait photos will be very hard to use for this purpose but may be excellent for bricks (quick links on your home page) or elsewhere on your website. If you are able to have an image in the background of your website, then you will want a large square image where the interest is more on either side of the image to frame the content.

Remember to think of the bricks you would like on your home page (council, meetings, hall, services, allotments, neighbourhood plan etc) and try to imagine what images would best fit there.

A great example of the use of images can be seen on the Broadstairs and St Peter’s Town Council Website. In the header, you have 2 long images of locations in Broadstairs; the bricks contain some stock images but where possible use square images of places around town that are related to the page they link to and the background has a lot of interest and works well to frame the content in the middle (note: if you are viewing the website on a small screen you may be unable to see the image in the background). They also have photos of varying sizes throughout the rest of their site which show off important elements of the town and break up blocks of text.

The more you can provide to us, the less stock photos we will need to use so that your website is as personal to your council and community as possible. When sending images, be sure to tell us where you would like them if you have a specific place in mind!

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