Operation London Bridge

As recently highlighted in the SLCC’s The Clerk magazine (See article by Philip Peacock, Town Clerk Huntington Town Council in the November SLCC Clerk Magazine) there is an event that will one day affect our whole country and may come at any time. That event is the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth the Second, given the code name of Operation London Bridge.

An excellent article was written by Philip Peacock PSLCC, Town Clerk to Huntingdon Town Council, describing the actions that would be made following the Queen’s passing. The one that we would like to make you aware of is the changes that can be made to your website on that day.

You have the option to have a black page with a portrait of HM The Queen and some accompanying text (her name, date of birth and date of death) as the opening page of your website for the duration of the days between her passing and her funeral. On that page will be a link that will take users on to your normal home page.

If you are interested in us helping you to do this in the future, you can indicate your interest or request more information by emailing info@visionict.com or phoning us on 01392 669497.

We want to assure you that the Queen is in good health and this is simply a notice to make you aware of the protocols in place and allowing us the time to plan accordingly so that on the day the transition will be a smooth one.

You may also want to consider adding a page onto your website with information for your community about any arrangements your Council is or will be making in the event of Her Majesty's death.

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