Make Sending Mass Emails Easier

We have had a lot of clients asking us which mailing software they should use to send mass emails. Maybe you need to send out a survey or a newsletter? But you need a software that is free and easy to use. Well we tried out a few for you and here is what we found:

#3 Vertical Response
I found this software by far the most unattractive and confusing. There is no option that i could find to import contacts, you have to copy and paste them in or type them all out. There was also no option to send a rich text email, you had to use one of their templates or make your own which could be impractical for people who just want to be able to write a plain email and attach a newsletter to it. The free plan includes 4,000 emails a day and only 300 contacts. So maybe good for very small councils or businesses as long as you are okay using the templates they give you. It was also quite a pain to unsubscribe from them and delete my account.

Overall, an okay free mailing software but it definitely has it’s limitations and there are better options out there.

#2) Benchmark
With the free plan of this software you can send 14,000 emails to up to 2,000 contacts per month making it better for councils or businesses with a large mailing list. You can import your contacts from any rich text document and make your emails from scratch or from a template for marketing campaigns and newsletters. However there were annoying pop up chat boxes and I found the interface kind of confusing. It was easy to unsubscribe from though and the welcome email cam through quickly.

All in all, not a bad software but may take a little time to get used to the interface. Definitely the best software on this list for larger councils and businesses as it offers the best ratio of contacts to emails without having to pay extra.

#1) Send in Blue
Finally, my personal favourite, Send in Blue. It was very easy to set up and the interface is so clear and simple. You can import your contacts from an excel spreadsheet or a rich text software. You can make normal rich text emails as well as emails from templates. One weakness is that the free plan only includes 300 emails a day with a maximum of 9,000 emails a month. However, you can have unlimited contacts and i unsubscribed in the click of one button.

Overall, very easy to use. As long as you have a relatively small mailing list, this software should be perfect for you. If you are a bigger council, their cheapest pack is £15 a month which removes the daily sending limit, increases your monthly limit to 40,000 emails and removes their branding from your emails.

Take some time and do your own research, you may find a software on this list that works best for you or comment below if you use a better software that I haven’t mentioned.

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