My Time in England

On April 29th, I flew from Germany to South-England to gain new experiences and improve my English language skills. In the first week I was in Torquay at the English Riviera language school to get prepared for the stay.

On the 5th of May, I went to Exeter where I met the team at Vision ICT ltd. In the first week, the apprentice Mel showed me how to build their websites and how to create a website of my own, which I found very interesting and I enjoyed very much.

In the second week, I attended a gin company with Daniel in Salcombe, helping him take 360-degree photos and taking pictures. I also saw them interview the owner for a new show called Focus Devon. Then I took pictures of the gin production.

I really like working as a web-designer, I even imagined doing it professionally, since I enjoy photography and image editing a lot. I also get to know how to use Photoshop which I have always wanted, because I love to take pictures and edit them.

On the 21st of May, Mel and I took pictures in Exeter with a 360-degree camera. First, we took them down the path to the cathedral, which was very funny because we always tried not to be in the pictures. Then we took some in the city centre of the colourful umbrellas and the Princesshay shopping centre. I was asked to edit our photos in Photoshop where I'm very put to the test because it is not so easy to remove the shadow of the tripod from the pictures we took, but Paul and videos on YouTube helped me learn.

In general, I find Exeter a very nice and pleasant city, I could imagine coming back. On the other hand, I hate the seagulls and I will not miss them.

I realise that the English are, in comparison to the Germans, a lot friendlier, more open and helpful which I find very nice because you do not have to be afraid to ask strangers for help in case they look at you like you are stupid. No, in contrast, they even start a conversation with you about whatever which is very nice, just like the atmosphere at Vision ICT Ltd. I just think it's great, because the open relationship makes you feel like you are working with friends and not with colleagues. I could not get a better job here in Exeter because I not only got to do a fantastic job but was also allowed to learn how to use Photoshop. I also found new friends in my co-workers and in Johnny (Paul’s dog).

~ Jasmin Zeise

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