How to Communicate with your Web Developer

We get dozens of emails everyday from our clients requesting changes and amendments to their site and over the years we noticed a few things that really help us to build your website quickly and understand what you want from us. Here is what we found is the best way to provide us with information.

Be Clear: Whenever you send us a link, amendment or piece of content for your site, please clearly specify where you would like the information to go. What page would you like it on? If you’ve sent us an image, do you have a specific use in mind for it or are you happy for us to decide where it would fit best?

One Page Per Email: I know the most logical thing seems to be to pile everything into one email but often that can lead to confusion or tasks being missed out. We would rather receive 10 clear emails with the specific page in the subject bar and the content for that page in the email than 1 that is difficult to understand.

Images: Please ensure the images you send to us are of a high quality and large size. This gives us the most creative flexibility with where we can place those images and how we can use them. It is also helpful to label the images with a description rather than the normal image number. While you know what the image is of, we don’t. This is especially important with councillor images to ensure we put the correct councillor picture with their names and details. If you feel the image is too large to send via email as an attachment, we can provide you with a dropbox link to place the image into.

Feedback: It can be tempting when you receive feedback from councillors to just send it all over to us but if different councillors have conflicting opinions we wont be able to action that point. Instead, please go through the points and send to us a comprehensive list of the changes you want to be made.

Timing: While we completely understand that Clerks are busy people, we can only build the website as fast as we receive the information so it is important to try and make time to send us the relevant details or delegate the task of getting information to us to another person who has more free time. As long as we have permission from the Clerk, we can work with any councillor to build the website. It also really helps if you can avoid updating the current site while we are building the new one (except for minutes and agendas which we understand need to be displayed). If you must make a change to your old website while we build your new one, we would be grateful if you could send us a copy of the information so that we can update your new site at the same time. This helps us to avoid your new site being outdated by the time it is ready to go live.

Thank you so much for reading this. We hope these points will help us to communicate more effectively with you and get your website built as quickly and accurately as possible.

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