How Can We Help?

Did you know that Vision ICT has a support website?

Recently, our support site has gone through some changes to make it easier for our clients to get the help and support that they need, even when our office is closed. We have also updated the look of the site to make it more modern and clear.

There are now even more ways for you to teach yourself the things you really need to know from uploading documents to using the user management system. Our Training Videos are straightforward and make editing your website a breeze. You can follow along with the video and feel as though you are having one to one training with our junior graphic designer Mel Hingston.

We also have a whole host of useful documents to help you set up emails on your phone, use a scanner to make a multiple page document and how to best resize your photos. Here you can also find our user guides for both V6, V5 and V4 websites.

Using the key words you search for on the site, we are also constantly adding new answers to your frequently asked questions so the more you use the site, the more inclusive it becomes. So why not have a browse? You might be surprised by the answers and information you can find there.

We would love to hear your thoughts on how we can continue to improve this site, whether you have a video idea or a question you need answered, please let us know by using the comments on the site itself or email with your thoughts.

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