Getting on Google

When we make a website, a lot of our customers expect their website to be the first result on search engines straight away. Unfortunately, that isn't the case.

It takes search engines a while to recognise your website as a reputable site. But don't despair, there is something you can do to get your site higher on the list.

1) Get an authority to link to your website
One of the best ways to get your site circulated and seen as reputable is to get an authority to add a link to your website on theirs. If a County or District Council can add a link to your site you will get a higher traffic and your website will have more credibility in the eyes of the search engines.

2) Add your website link to Wikipedia
If you can get your website link added to your town/community/parish's Wikipedia page, this again increases your website's credibility.

(To do this you will either need to set up an account with Wikipedia, or we can add the link for you if you request it)

3) Add your website link to google maps
Adding your link to google maps is a great way to gain trustworthiness. So many people use google maps and having a website to click on makes you feel like more of an authority.

We can help you get your links onto Wikipedia and Google Maps should you need it.

For our part, we try to keep all of our websites reputable by using search engine optimisation. We make our sites responsive on mobiles (which account for about 60% of all searches) and quick to load.

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