GDPR Update

With recent changes to GDPR, we have sent out an email to our customers but for those of you who may have missed it for any reason, here it is for your information.


I am sure you are well submerged into GDPR and its implications. We certainly are and felt it was time to update you on the implications of this to your website and what we are doing to help.

Email and website hosting:
All our websites and email hosting falls within the GDPR guidelines.

Cookies Statement:
We will be changing the cookie statement on our website and will doing this on your website very soon, as it provides further detail on the role of cookies and how visitors can take control of them to conform with the requirements of GDPR.

Privacy Statement:
You will need to have a privacy statement, which you will need to write, and can add to your website. Alternatively we have an example privacy statement, which you can download here, and your council can use. If they do we can add it to the footer of your website for you. Please let us know in a ticket to our support team if you would like us to do this.

Website Enquiry Form:
We will be adding a consent element to your website enquiry form to enable visitors to consent to you passing on their enquiry to a third party such as a councillor or other agency for their enquiry to be most appropriately dealt with. If you need the wording on this to be changed, please send a ticket to our support system with your preferred text.

SSL Certificate:
When you go to edit your website through the Vision ICT website, all the data input you add to your website is encrypted. We are now able to offer your council website an SSL Certificate which will encrypt information exchanged when visitors are using your website enquiry form and if you have a Private Area on your site, or the ability for assigned users to edit pages on your site, through a password. This provides an extra level of protection. Your domain name in the URL will be seen with an ‘s’ and green padlock such as The cost to set this up is £125 in year 1 and then £50 a year thereafter. Let us know if you would like us to set this up for you or contact us if you have any questions.

Councils are being recommended to set up official emails for all councillors to support the GDPR requirements and we are able to do this for you. Our email accounts have a 25gb mailbox with anti-span and virus protection. You can connect via IMAP for synchronisation between outlook and mobile devices and are charged £18 per account per year. We will provide you with all the information needed to set these up and can provide further support if required.

Data Backup:
Storing your data is key to your peace of mind and you will need to ensure that all files on your computer containing personal data is password protected or encrypted. You will also need to back up the information which we can provide via an automatic secure cloud backup. See this link for further information. If you feel this may be helpful, again, just let us know.

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