My Internship at Vision ICT was a Great Experience

I am an Italian Film Maker and Photographer, but Web Design was something totally new for me.

On July 31st, I began to work for this company.

During my first day, Mel explained how to create a Web Site. She was an amazing teacher! Learning how to use their program was easier than I expected. Mel is a great friend, we spent lots of time together! Thanks to her I saw different places in Exeter and had fun during our lunch breaks. We used to eat our meal deal on the Cathedral green, where I experienced with her the "seagulls fear".

People, if you go to Exeter pay real attention, because seagulls are everywhere and there is no escape when they try to steal your food! (Nigel agrees with me wholeheartedly)

For the next few weeks, Dan gave me the opportunity to use all my competences to edit some of his works (photos and videos). Thanks to his trust I could be as imaginative as possible, I had fun (even though I had to hear the same poems, each day, for three weeks and I learned every single word in the videos by heart) and, last but not least, I increased my knowledge with the 360° videos.

I loved working with Paul too! We made a logo animation for the 360° VisionICT project together. He created an amazing logo on Illustrator and I animated it on After Effect, under Dan's supervision and direction. Our work together is definitely one of my favourites. Paul's logo and the Culture Club inspired me to draw a sketch of my own Karma Chameleon, which is now exposed to the public on their office whiteboard!

Nigel and Anji were really nice and I spent a great time full of amazing laughter with them.

My three weeks at VisionICT were very busy, however I am really happy about that! I had the opportunity to grow up and to live a new experience in a country that I love.
VisionICT is a magnificent place, where each member is free to express their real self without being judged. All my colleagues are wonderful people! They are amazing professional workers and friends. I enjoyed working with all of them. I was very lucky to do an Internship here.

Thank you so much VisionICT for everything! Grazie di cuore!

Your Italian intern,
Chiara Musso

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