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The Vision ICT Graphic Design Department loves helping our clients bring an idea to life; it is the kind of challenge that they relish. One such client was Broughton and Bretton Community Council (BBCC), who were in need of a new logo. 

Wanting to get the community involved, they decided to run a logo drawing competition aimed at the local school children. The children were tasked to draw a new logo for BBCC and the winning logo would be used on the council website. We were delighted when BBCC approached us to take the drawing and bring it to life. This was the perfect job for our Junior Graphic Designer, Mel to get stuck into. Below you can see the drawing and then the final logo that Mel developed. 

Childrens drawing of BBCC logo

BBCC logo redesign

Firstly, we identified, with the help of the council, what was in each quarter of the logo as clearly these were landmarks important to Broughton and Bretton. The landmarks were the local church, school, bridge and a beluga airbus. Mel then carefully recreated the landmarks in Adobe Illustrator and sent a number of variations to the Council to select their preferred option. 

They chose a design which included hearts between the Welsh and English text circuling the logo which fits in with the Council's strapline "Broughton and Bretton, at the heart of the community". They also asked to change the church in order to represent both communities equally. Now BBCC has a logo that is completely unique and very personal to their community. 

"Thank you for your logo design, it looks fantastic and I am sure the little girl who designed it will be very pleased." ~ Administrative Assistant

"Thank you for your time, expertise and patience!! During the re-design of my Council's logo for Broughton and Bretton. It was quite seamless for me, so thank you for that and we are really happy with the end result." ~ Clerk

We really enjoyed working on this project and we're glad that Broughton and Bretton are just as pleased with the final result! We asked Mel what she thought about the project and she had this to say: 

"I thought the original drawing was so thoughtful and I hope I did that little girls drawing justice. The clerk and administrative assistant at BBCC were lovely to work with and very concise with their feedback. It was definitely a challenge recreating their landmarks but i'm very happy with how it turned out and cant wait for the next project!" ~ Mel

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