The Advantages of Having a 360 Tour of Your Business on Google Maps

Vision ICT is developing a new specialism of business focusing on 360 videos and photography and as part of that we will be offering virtual tours. In lieu of this, we thought we would let you know the advantages of having a 360 virtual tour of your business on Google Maps. 

1. It Demonstrates Quality
By providing your customers with the option to "walk around" your business from wherever they may be, you are showing that you care for your customers and are doing everything you can to give them the best customer experience possible.

2. Customers Can Research You Easily
As well as demonstrating customer service quality, you can show off the quality of your interior and atmosphere. This is information customers would normally have to go to Yelp or TripAdvisor for, now they don't have to take other people's words for it, they can visit you virtually.

It also helps you better access your target clientele. Let's say you are a hotel owner whose target customer base is rock and roll fans. To attract your customers, you've spent months or years chasing down antiques and memorabilia for your hotel. You would want to show that off, right?

A virtual Tour makes this possible. Prospective customers can now see all of the memorabilia and they are more interested in your business than they were by just reading descriptions and seeing your exterior.

3. It Increases the Quality of Impression
Images are 40 times more likely to be shared on social media; just think of how successful Instagram is and how much more likely you are to click on a news story or even a blog post, if there is an interesting image associated with it. In other words, a picture (or tour) is really worth a thousand words.

4. It Sets You Apart from the Competition
I bet you haven't seen many businesses offering 360 tours of their establishment but how much more exiting would it be if instead of looking at some photos of a hotel or museum, you could go inside and really see the difference between the junior and deluxe suites? It would also encourage you to show your friends. Just in this way, you have increased your marketability and set yourself above the rest.

5. Your Customers Can Make Better Informed Decisions
Do you have parking? Are you accessible for those with disabilities? Is the area safe? These are important questions for your customers, but they may need to go through hours of reviews to find the answers they need.

With a 360 Virtual Tour, customers can "walk around" your business and plan accordingly.

A high-quality virtual tour that lets people experience your location through your immersive virtual tour to have a authentic experience of your business before they arrive. These immersive, virtual experiences inspire greater confidence among prospective customers, so they can plan accordingly and feel better about visiting your establishment in person.

6. Increase Business Revenue
Virtual Tours showcase your business 24/7 which makes it so much more convenient for your potential customers to view you business from wherever and whenever they want. Those who view your business in a virtual tour are more likely to visit you in real life if they like what they see. People like familiarity and knowing where things are. A virtual tour also increases the probability of a click-through from Google to your website which will make your business higher on the Google search results and bring you in more customers.

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