.Gov.uk Domains

Recently the Cabinet Office has been reaching out to people with .gov.uk domain names to inform them that they must be using at least one .gov.uk email.

According to the .gov.uk domain set up guide, for us to submit your application you must have an up to date role-based email address such as clerk@[your domain].gov.uk. GDS will not accept a personal email address (such as a gmail address) or workplace email address such as [yourname]@[yourdomain].gov.uk

This is the same for people who already have an existing .gov.uk domain. You will need to register at least 1 role based email address connected to your domain and use it.

For people who are looking to register a .gov.uk domain for this first time, this can pose a challenge as you need a domain to set up the email so you can set up the domain. I’m sure you can work out the issue with this. JISC’s solution is to inform us upon registering which email you would like to be set up and make sure you use it once we have set it up for you.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01392 669497 or via email support@visionict.com

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